Anita Bidet




The Valley

First Appearance

Misfit Love

Voiced by

Billy West

Anita is a friend of Pickles and owner of The Rusty Bucket. She is a trans woman, though pre-op. She has noted that Pickles' addiction is paying for her operation.


She tries her best to be very lady-like. She is very comforting to Pickles whenever something is troubling her.


Anita has curly red hair styled upwards. She has on purple eye shadow. She wears a blue party dress, earrings, evening gloves, and heels. It is shown that she still has a lot of hair that she has to shave off regularly. 


"Poor dog acts like he's never seen a woman before."
―Narcoleptic Scottie
"I'm proud of you sister. You're breaking free of the chains of addiction, casting off the- Pickles, you're lighting your finger on fire!"
―Heroine Addict
"It's a thong. Relax and accept the string."
―Pickles' Little Amazons
"I've never had sex where it wasn't awkward."
―Please Be Genital


  • Her name is a play on the phrase "I need a bidet."
  • She is dating James.
  • She has a sailor tattoo on her forearm.
  • She wears a wig.
  • She does not have real breasts, shown in Get Off My Back.


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