Beth Oblong




The Valley


Milo (Brother)
Biff and Chip (Brothers)
Pickles (Mother)
Bob (Father)
Grammy (Grandmother)

First Appearance

Misfit Love

Voiced by

Jeannie Elias

Beth is the 4-year old only daughter of the Oblongs. At times she is also a Clubhouse kid.

She has a tumor growing out of her head, which was the result of eating meat containing bovine growth hormones.


She is kind, quiet, and outspoken. She is significantly better adjusted than the rest of her family, but is a very big tattle tale. She is shown to feel very left out, as Pickles often leaves her in places, and the rest of the family often forgets about her.


She has shoulder-length red hair, with a pink, warty growth coming out of the left side of her head. She wears a blue dress with a white collar and buttons, and purple Mary Jane shoes with pink socks.


"Daddy has a magazine with naked ladies hugging."
―Misfit Love
"Don't be no one's bitch!"
―Pickles' Little Amazons
"But mommy, I wanna be an Ananamazon..."
―Pickles' Little Amazons
"This is the best birfday ever. Now I've got salve, ointment, and balm for my head-thingy... Okay joke's over. Where's my dolls, my jumprope, and my new watch?"
―My Name is Robbie


  • Beth is a fan of Velva the Warrior .
  • Her birthday is on June 7th, as shown in My Name Is Robbie.
  • The waste in the Valley never gave her any deformities.
  • Beth is the only member of her family to have red hair.
  • She hasn't grown in two years, stated in Bucketheads.
  • She does not know who her grandmother is.
  • She has a doll named Chloe.


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