Biff and Chip Oblong
Biff (left) and Chip (right)




The Valley


Beth (Sister)
Milo (Brother)
Pickles (Mother)
Bob (Father)
Grammy (Grandmother)

First Appearance

Misfit Love

Voiced by

Randy and Jason Sklar

Biff and Chip are conjoined 16-year olds, and students at Hill Valley High.


Biff is gay, but he does not realize it yet. He shows latent homosexual tendancies however, such as an obvious attraction to his coach. He is a hard-working achiever and he likes to set goals. Chip describes Biff as "an annoying anal attaboy, but when he puts his mind to something he rocks".

Chip is dating a Valley girl named Courtney. He is very laid back and prefers to have fun rather than work. Biff describes Chip as "a goof-off with a Dorothy Hamill haircut, but he has more heart than you ever will".


Biff and Chip are conjoined at the hip, and have two arms each, three legs, and three buttcheeks. They wear a plain green shirt with blue pants, and wear grey sneakers called "buster browns". Chip has his brown hair shaved into a bowl cut, while Biff has a blonde mohawk.


"He's like this burnout at school, Crackhead Lenny. Yeah, what a total wastoid. He steals tools from shop, never eats, he's all sweaty and jittery... Can he sleep over this weekend?"
―Milo Interrupted
"Do you have to wear that hat, dad? You look like a Robin Hood Pez dispenser."
"I prefer to stay focused on the manliness of sports. Coach always says, heart, obedience, motivation, opportunity. H-O-M-O."
―The Golden Child
"Are you saying I'll be joined to another person for the rest of my life?! We'll be freaks!"
―Get Off My Back


  • Chip is allergic to strawberries.
  • Biff is on the Hill Valley wrestling team.
  • Chip is a metalhead.
  • Biff currently has a tattoo on his butt.
  • Chip is subscribed to a magazine called "Gigantic Ass Magazine".
  • They share one stomach and colon between the both of them.
  • They are both able to put themselves into a trance, as shown in Get Off My Back.


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