Robert Oblong




The Valley


Beth (Daughter)
Biff and Chip (Sons)
Milo (Son)
Pickles (Wife)
Grammy (Mother)

First Appearance

Misfit Love

Voiced by

Will Ferrell

Bob is the head of the Oblong family, and Globocide bottle capper. He was born without arms or legs.


He is eternally optimistic, upbeat, cheery, and has a lot of spirit. Even without arms or legs, he does everything just as a normal father would do. He takes the best out of everything and is always trying to do the right thing even when he's ignored.


He has black balding hair and thick eyebrows. He has a white sleeveless shirt with a pocket, and a black tie. He wears a black belt with a brown "pantlet". He is usually seen with a pipe.


"Boys, personal hygiene isn't a chore; it's a privilege. It's what separates our great nation from dirty smelly places like France and the public library."
―Misfit Love
"Son, you know you're forbidden to handle anything sharper than a boiled egg."
―Misfit Love
"Just doing my dead-end job! Tote that barge, lift that bale. Yes sir, Mr. Klimer. Promotion? No sir, I don't truck with that. I just wanna work for the man."
―The Golden Child
"Thank you dearest, we aim to please. Or as the French say, AWOOGA!"
―Please Be Genital


  • He is based on a 1950's father.
  • In Angus Oblong's comics, he was originally the father of Creepy Susie.
  • The only time he had limbs was in My Name Is Robbie.
  • He has been married to Pickles for 18 years.
  • He left a fedora at a hattery for 14 years.
  • He has a desire to speak Chinese, as shown in Father Of The Bribe.
  • He still thinks his college roommate is an eskimo after 20 years.
  • He is a chocoholic, stated in The Golden Child.
  • Despite the mutations that occur in the Valley, It's possible that he has Tetra-amelia Syndrome, a rare congenital disorder that is characterized by the absence of four limbs.
  • According to Angus Oblong, Mark Hamill was his choice for Bob's voice but was out-voted by the producers to choose Will Ferrell instead.


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