Creepy Susie




The Valley



First Appearance

Misfit Love

Voiced by

Jeannie Elias

Creepy Susie is a 10-year old friend of Milo and is one of the Clubhouse kids. She also is a student at Hill Valley High.

She is of French descent and has an accent. The pollution has given her the ability to float 6 inches above the ground, and gave her a lazy eye. 


She is usually very dreary, though she is shown at times to want to have a little fun. She is very serious about life, but at the same time is very obsessed with death. Death is one thing that makes her very happy. She also has a problem with pyromania, and has burned the clubhouse down before.


Susie has pale white skin, and a black bob haircut with a black bow. Her right eye is lazy, and both eyes have black bags underneath them. She wears a long black dress with a white collar that covers her feet, and white cuffs.


"Drowning is my third favorite way to die. But, they are all good."
―Misfit Love
"Well, there was a murder on my street and the chalk outline is still there. We can play hopscotch."
―Milo Interrupted
"Soon you will be dead. Then we dig up your grave and make your corpse do embarrassing things à la Weekend at Bernie's."
"No, no. I have a skeleton in my closet. Oh, wait, no, I forgot; I made soup."
―Disfigured Debbie


  • According to Angus Oblong, she can spit fire.
  • It was executive producer Bruce Helford's idea to make her French.
  • Her birthday is on Halloween.
  • She can tell the sex of animals by the taste of their blood.
  • She has tried to create a girl before, stated in Pickles' Little Amazons.
  • She's not fit to drink her own urine, stated by Verdelle Diver.
  • She had a pet clam to raise her spirits, but it was actually a coin purse.


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