Creepy Susie's Family


Males, Female


The Valley


Creepy Susie (Daughter/Sister/Owner)

Creepy Susie's Family consists of her mother, father, older brother Lawrence, and her pet dustball Jeff. It is unknown if they can float like Susie. They had plans to introduce them in the second season, but as the show was cancelled they were never introduced.


Her mother is quite tall. Her black hair is up in a bun, and she wears a long black dress with a bow at the back. It appears that she has no feet from how thin the bottom of her dress gets.

Her father is very short. He is bald, and his cheeks look very gaunt. His neck appears to be wrapped in bandages. He wears a vest too large for him, and a white shirt. His feet cannot be seen under his clothes.

Lawrence is tall, but not as tall as his mother. His black hair is cut similarly to Chip's, and his eyes are always squinted closed. He appears to be wearing a cape, as his arms cannot be seen.

Jeff is a completely round ball of dust. He is about the size of Susie's head.


  • In the original book, Susie's family is normal, except for her father, who is a midget albino cross dresser.
  • Angus Oblong plans to introduce them in a Halloween special, where it is Susie's birthday.
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