Creepy Susie




75 - 89


Milo's Disorder


Emily Amputee

Creepy Susie is the seventh story in Creepy Susie and 13 Other Tragic Tales.


This story follows Creepy Susie's abnormal habits, and her first experience with a boy who liked her.


There was something a little creepy about Susie...
...Perhaps it was her collection of dead rats and chickens.

Or maybe it was that she never smiled.
Unless she was holding something slimy.

The rest of Susie's family was normal.
Except for her father, who was a midget albino cross dresser.

It came to be that one day Eric Twinklebutt developed a schoolboy crush on Susie.
She did not know what to do... So she ignored him...

Susie's vagina tingled at the thought of Eric Twinklebutt but she still did not know what to do.
She read one of those romance novels but she threw up.

Susie went to see her great-great-great-grandmother Ruby.
...To ask her advice on boys.

But great-great-great-grandmother Ruby was no help at all because she's been dead for a long long time...
So Susie decided to take care of the problem.

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