Debbie Bledsoe




The Hills


Mayor Johnny (Father)

First Appearance

Flush, Flush, Sweet Helga

Voiced by

Jeannie Elias

Debbie is a member of "The Debbies", and a student at Hill Valley High.


As a Debbie, she is obsessed with popularity, beauty and fashion. She treats the teachers and possibly authorities poorly, telling Mr. Bergstein to "shut his teach-hole" so she could hand out party invitations even though she seemed to have low grades in their class due to her behavior. Despite all of this, Debbie is shown to be kind and sweet this doesn't mean she is a moral.

She hates the Valley people, such as tying a fake invitation to a fishing rod to make Helga jump for it, and not even caring enough to make Milo a fake invite.


She looks exactly like the other Debbies. She has big blonde hair with a bow and wears a pink shirt and slightly darker pink skirt.


"Look! It's the Ralph Lauren flag!"
―Flush, Flush, Sweet Helga
"You know, you try to do something really mean and cruel, and it just gets thrown back at your face!"
―Flush, Flush, Sweet Helga


  • Her and her father's relationship is the same as Debbie Klimer with her parents. The Mayor buys her anything she wants, but doesn't have time to hug her.


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