Helga's Parents


Male and Female


The Valley


Helga (Daughter)

Only Appearance

Milo Interrupted

Voiced by

Mark Hamill
Susan Krebs

Helga's Parents left to go on vacation to the south of France, and did not return for a year.

Their plane had crashed on an ice floe, and all of the search parties gave up. Once their food supply ran out they ate the other passengers. However, because of Milo they were rescued and re-united with Helga.


Both parents are obese, similar to their daughter. Helga's father is completely bald, and wears glasses. He wears a green button-up shirt, with blue pants and a belt. Helga's mother has short brown hair with a blue hat. Her pink earrings match her dress.


  • In Bucketheads, Helga claimed her parents caught typhus. It is unknown if they are still alive.
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