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The Valley


Helga's Parents (Mother/Father)

First Appearance

Misfit Love

Voiced by

Lea DeLaria

Helga is a 10-year old friend of Milo, and is one of the Clubhouse kids. She is also a student at Hill Valley High.

She is an obese toad-like child who believes she is a Debbie, despite the fact that they hate her.


She is quite mischeveous and impolite, and she even called her friends losers. Her stomach usually comes first; she will eat nearly anything.

She is very delusional, as she thinks of herself as a Debbie and having hundreds of boyfriends. She finds herself to be beautiful and popular. When confronted with anything that contridicts her delusions, she will hold her head and make loud noises until distracted by food.


She has red hair in pigtail braids and wears a pink dress with a white collar. Her underwear is easily seen any time she bends down, and she has stubby feet with pink flats.


"I get all my major colour food groups. Red... White... mostly white."
―Milo Interrupted
"I've never felt prettier with this garbage can on my head. Wow, the irony is even within my grasp!"
"Well, well, well! A dog always returns to its vomit... wait a minute."
"Oh, I don't know. When you think about it, isn't there no bigger sewer than the world of professional modeling?"
―Flush, Flush, Sweet Helga


  • Her last name is a parody of the word "fugly", which is short for "f***ing ugly."
  • She had a crush on Milo in Milo Interrupted, but was disgusted when kissing him in Get Off My Back.
  • She briefly had a crush on Biff and Chip.
  • Her design was meant to be the polar opposite of the Debbies.
  • She was an orphan for a year until her parents returned. However, they are ultimately never shown again after their return.
  • Helga's devotion to the Debbies is rather odd, given that in the original book, their constant mockery of her drove her to disguising herself as one of them to gain their acceptance, then she decapitates their heads during a slumber party.


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