Jared Klimer




The Hills


Debbie (Sister)
George (Father)
Pristine (Mother)

First Appearance

Misfit Love

Voiced by

Pamela Segall Adlon

Jared is best friend of Blaine, and a student at Hill Valley High. He is usually seen with the Debbies. He calls Milo "Obdong" and always beats him up.


He is a rude, impatient, snobby, bossy and rich bully. He has a very short temper to whatever the Valley kids do, from taking their fireflies to hitting on Hill kids. He even tried to burn down the Clubhouse when Milo tried to send a love letter to Yvette. His father openly supports him picking on the Valley kids. However, he is able to be nice to the Valley kids, only when they become popular.


He has blonde hair curling downwards at the front. He has a matching black shirt and pants, and black and gray shoes. He wears a gold chain around his neck.


"Stay away from Yvette, or we'll beat you crapless!"
―Misfit Love
"I said it before, and I'll say it again; Get em'!"
―Milo Interrupted
"I hate that Obdong's become so cool, but I have no mind of my own so I simply have to accept it."
"We are going to smoke you like a spiral-cut ham!"
―Get Off My Back


  • He takes therapy.


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