Angus Oblong worked at a cafe, but would also sell comic books of his characters. It was through this that someone at the United Television Agency sent to the would-be executive producer Bruce Helford copies of his comics. This then begun the spark which sent the show into motion.

Season 1Edit

  1. Misfit Love
  2. Narcoleptic Scottie
  3. Milo Interrupted
  4. Bucketheads
  5. Heroine Addict
  6. The Golden Child
  7. Flush, Flush, Sweet Helga
  8. Disfigured Debbie
  9. Pickles' Little Amazons
  10. Get Off My Back
  11. Please Be Genital
  12. My Name Is Robbie
  13. Father Of The Bribe

Season 2 / Come BackEdit

Even though "Father Of The Bribe" was the series finale, Angus Oblong said that he would make a DVD Halloween special of The Oblongs. He asked Will Ferrell to come back as Bob, but does not expect him to. It is unknown if Angus will finish this project.

Currently, Adult Swim has been airing re-runs of the series since 2002, and any new episodes will be aired through there as well. In 2010, Adult Swim asked studios to make new episodes, but "some said yes, some said no". 

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