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Little Amazon Headquarters is the equivalent of Girl Scouts. The Hill Valley Amazons are run by Verdelle Diver.


Each Amazon troop consists of five or more girls, and they work hard to earn merit badges. Once a year, the troops sell boxes of cookies for the $500 entry fee, so they can compete in the Jamboree to test their outdoor survival skills.

Their HistoryEdit

In 1914, the founder Beatrice Douche and her friend Blacksmith Lil set out on a journey of self-discovery that would one day become the Little Amazons. The organization really blossomed when the scourge of war sent the fighting men off to kill in foreign lands.

With the men gone, Beatrice and her Little Amazons turned their sights to domestic chores and comforting one another. Sadly, the war ended and the men returned. Since then, the Little Amazons have come to stand for honour, duty, and the delicious wonder of the girl-on-girl bond.

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