Milo Francis Oblong




The Valley


Beth (Sister)
Biff and Chip (Brothers)
Pickles (Mother)
Bob (Father)
Grammy (Grandmother)

First Appearance

Misfit Love

Voiced by

Pamela Segall Adlon

Milo is the series' 10-year old main protagonist, and is a Clubhouse kid. He also used to attend Granville, until he was forced to transfer to Hill Valley High.

Often referred to by other kids as a psycho, he is afflicted with numerous mental and social disorders and is on "everything from Ritalin to Rogaine." The pollution has made one of his eyes twitch, and possibly caused his single hair.


Milo is a very miserable child who envies the Hill people, yet he is shown to be very happy most of the times in his own life. He is shown trying to make things out of his environment to make him and the people happy. He can be described as borderline psychotic and very hyper-active, with a lot of delusions but a very sweet heart.


Milo has a round oversized head with one hair. His right eye is either closed completely or twitches. He wears a light blue T-shirt with the word "NO.", and wears dark blue shorts with brown sneakers. 


"You may control my mind, but you'll never control my ass!"
―Misfit Love
"Dear God or God-like figure... When I wake up, please make Scottie all better. Look around. You OWE me."
―Narcoleptic Scottie
"I'm trying to track 'em down on the internet, but I keep getting side-tracked by porn."
―Milo Interrupted
"She'll have to live down there, and get married down there, and have kids down there, then her kids will marry each other, and have more kids, and they'll be hillbillies in the sewer, and the banjo playing will drive us insane!"
―Flush, Flush, Sweet Helga


  • Angus Oblong describes Milo as himself as a child.
  • He looks incredibly similar to JP Globo.
  • He weighs 65 lbs.
  • He has a soft spot on his head that, when pressed, causes him to lose his motor skills.
  • The only way that he can sleep is by hearing his parents have sex every night, as shown in Please Be Genital.
  • He has a pet dog named Scottie, and he used to have a turtle named Boxy.
  • He was suspended from school for doing something unspeakable with a fishstick.
  • In Pickles' Little Amazons, he hints that he might be a transvestite.
  • Milo is shown to be musically talented as it is shown that he is capable of playing the organ and the harp fluently in Disfigured Debbie, and Get Off My Back.


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