Yvette Ann Rebee Debbie
Ugly fish




The Hills

Only Appearance

Misfit Love

Voiced by

Michelle Ruff

Yvette was an alien who posed as one of the Debbies when she was on Earth. She was a student at Hill Valley High.

She takes an interest in Milo, only to experiment on his brain. When she thinks Milo is dead, she is forced to self-destruct, as returning home is not cost-effective.


Milo describes her as "beautiful, funny, she has MC Hammer frozen in a tube". However, as she was just taking interest for experimentation, it is unknown what her true personality is.


She has long blonde hair in a big pony tail. Her breasts are triangular, and her clothes are a darker pink than the Debbies' shirt and skirt. She has white skin and big black eyes, which she covers with sunglasses.


"You wanna sit on the love seat?"
―Misfit Love
"Yvette to Mothership. Bald nerd child presumed incinerated. Researching complete. Returning to base."
―Misfit Love


  • She was Milo's first crush.
  • She got a B+ in Math.
  • Her and Milo's love is similar to Romeo and Juliet.


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